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Watergirl: Am, our first real date in the park two weeks later?

Fireboy: Yes, of course! And I will ask for some burge...

(Fireboy and Watergirl are hit by a door)

Fireboy: Wait a minute, what is that door?

Watergirl: (sighs) Look up, my boyfriend. That thing signs to volcanoes. It's a volcano.

Fireboy: (notices it) And I appear to see a paper with something written on it.

Fireboy and Watergirl: The volcano group, for lava and water volcanoes? GO INSIDE! IT'S COOL!

Volcano Coder: (his face is seen now) Hello, adventurer kids. To open a volcano, you need a code. The same for all lava ones, the another same for all water ones.

Fireboy: (thinks) Ohh! I know it for lava ones!

Volcano Coder: Then what is that, red guy?

Fireboy: Neauck moah burn dikavizzlo saol dje morcouw naise hewwen pilko sib!

Volcano Coder: Exactly. Lava volcanoes, opened.

Watergirl: Yippy!

(Right after going to the first lava volcano, Watergirl and Fireboy have a kiss)

Watergirl: Wow, I was never seeing your element's rivers.

Fireboy: These are lavas.

Watergirl: I know. My boyfriend, you're born as a wonderful element.

Fireboy: Thank you. We gotta go to a water volcano soon. Your element is also amazi...

(Watergirl's phone rings)

Watergirl: Dad, what's going on?

WaterDad: I'm just worried you're in danger.

Watergirl: Me in danger? (laughs) Never!

WaterDad: Where're ya'?

Watergirl: Just with my boyfriend. Say hello to...... FIREBOY!!!

Fireboy: Hey mister!

WaterDad: Approved as future father-in-law!

Fireboy: Ohh... this is good... approval... marriage with Watergirl... (falls into lava) AHH!

Watergirl: Are you okay?

Fireboy: Yeah... I'm this element. (climbs up) I didn't think he approves me for first time.

Watergirl: It's since my siblings' birth.


WaterMom and WaterDad: You're approved, Fireboy.

(Watergirl and Fireboy's 8 age)

Water Dolly and Waterboy: Approval for Fireboy!

(Flashback ends)

Watergirl: Probably twice before this moment.

Fireboy: Whatever... Stop flashbacking.

Watergirl: Then go to the next volcano!

Volcano Coder: Remember that code thing?

Watergirl: Yes, of course!

Volcano Coder: What's it?

Watergirl: Frozior wotar las pludargia nunu ja chacci yetk ha je oli voi!

Volcano Coder: Smart blue female.

Fireboy: Smart, and delicious, mister.

Volcano Coder: Yeah...

(Fireboy and Watergirl kiss each other)

Fireboy: It is either river or water lava.

Watergirl: River, my boyfriend.

Fireboy: This is wonderfu... (He and Watergirl are grabbed by Indigo Man)

Indigo Man: Sorry kids, I'm hurrying.

Watergirl: No problem.

Fireboy: She's right.

Watergirl: Just let me and Fireboy kiss.

(Indigo Man puts Fireboy and Watergirl down)

Indigo Man: Bye children!

Fireboy and Watergirl: Bye mister!

Watergirl: I think I will fall down.

Fireboy: No, you won't. I'll protect ya' from that hot river.

Watergirl: I was just kidding.

Fireboy: What a cheeky I am!

Watergirl: But not that cheeky!

Fireboy: Hahh.

Watergirl: You even believe a piano can speak!

Fireboy: (robotic voice) Mad Mode activated! (angrily, slowly, goes in Watergirl's way, to the river)

Watergirl: Took that back!

Fireboy: (robotic voice) Mad Mode deactivated! (grabs Watergirl before she falls to the lava)

Watergirl: Thanks for deactivating the Mad Mode.

Fireboy: (robotic voice) Happy Mode activated! (walks like in a crazy party)

Watergirl: Deactivate this, it's more crazy than happy.

Fireboy: (robotic voice) Happy Mode deactivated!



Watergirl: OKAY!


Watergirl: Okay...

Volcano Coder: (in a deep, scary voice) Go to the next watercano.

Fireboy and Watergirl: Watercano?

Volcano: Short edition to water volcano.

Fireboy: Got that.

Volcano Coder: Got that.

Fireboy: HEY DON'T COPY WHAT I SA... Just go, my girlfriend. Just go.

Watergirl: Okay.

Fireboy: This is the last?